The Swabian Alb - enchantingly natural


The Swabian Alb is a low mountain range stretching from southwest to northeast in the south of Germany, which is largely in Baden-Württemberg, but its northeast foothills are also located in Bavaria. The Swabian Alb is characterised by a high plateau with many valleys. The plateau falls away sharply to the northwest, the so-called Albtrauf. It separates the Alb plateau from the Alb foreland. The low mountain range has an approximate length of 200 kilometres and is about 40 kilometres wide.
Always worth an excursion

Cities in the Swabian Alb region

Like pearls on a string, the cities of the Swabian Alb region are strung around an impressive cultural and natural landscape. And they turn out to be a great delight: natural - strolling and shopping, theatre, museums, picturesque cityscapes, celebrations and festivals, friendly people and typical restaurants. You can find all this here.
In Ulm, around Ulm and about Ulm...


The people of Ulm are quite bold! The dazzling white, modern Stadthaus (assembly hall & art exhibition centre) was simply built opposite the awe-inspiring Ulm Minster, the Municipal Library was placed next to the historic Town Hall as a glassy pyramid, and right in the middle are the modern buildings of the New Centre. Does that look good? You bet, because it shows that here on the Danube it is not boring!

Here you can experience something


The romanticism of medieval half-timbered construction exists in amicable harmony with modern architecture, lively shopping streets lead to secluded alleyways - and almost as quickly you can go from the city centre up to the 707 metre-high Achalm Mountain, which provides a wonderful view of the city and the Swabian Alb.

Shop, enjoy and feel at ease…


Everything is possible in Metzingen. A fascinating world featuring international brands invites visitors to shop and stroll around the Lindenplatz square. Over 60 top designer brands which leave nothing to be desired have settled here.

The Blautopf City


Hardly a city in Germany is linked with the history of the earth than Blaubeuren, a gem in the Swabian Alb region. Picturesquely situated and replete with Swabian conviviality, Blaubeuren offers its guests an unexpected number of perspectives highlighting various epochs featuring the history of the earth and humanity - some are still replete with myths and secrets.

Versatility in the heart of the Swabian Alb

Bad Urach

Fabulous hikes on the Grafensteige premium trails, enchanting natural surroundings, relaxing hours in the AlbThermen thermal spa, puzzle tours for children, an ornate city featuring timber-framed constructed and tasty regional dishes - Bad Urach offers all this to its guests.

The main thing is to be active in the Alb!

Recreational activities

In the summer and winter the Alb invites visitors to explore nature in an adventurous way. New horizons open up in the climbing & high ropes parks. Soar above the Kuppenalb region in motor gliders, and experience castles, palaces, the Danube Canyon and meadow orchards from a bird's eye perspective. The Swabian Alb region has many facets.
Deep insights into the Alb


The Laichinger Tiefenhöhle (``Laichingen Deep Cave``) is the only pit cave in Germany that has been developed into a show cave and thus accessible to the public. It enables a unique insight into a petrified reef of the Jurassic period.

The forest beckons

Laichingen Climbing Forest

Swing from tree to tree, climb over rickety bridges and traverse obstacles on ropes? All of this and much more is possible in the Laichingen Climbing Forest near the Deep Cave in the Swabian Alb region. Several hours of fun, adventure and action await you! Test your abilities on 215 climbing elements in a beautiful forest area at a height of up to 14.5 metres above the ground!

You want to experience the Alb Inn?


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Ob Langlaufen, Skifahren, Snowboarden, Winderwandern und viel mehr - erlegen Sie den Winter von seiner schönsten Seite auf der Schwäbischen Alb!
Eldorado für Wintersportler

Genießen Sie endlose Loipen, anspruchsvolle Abfahrten und Rodelfreuden

Traditionelle Märkte, Kultur, Messen, Feste und Feiern – auf der Schwäbischen Alb ist immer was los.
Immer was los

Fasnet, Märkte, Feste, Traditionen. Auf der Alb ist der Veranstaltungskalender prall gefüllt

Entdecken Sie das wildeste von der UNESCO anerkannte Biosphärengebiet.
Ein Stück unberührte Natur

Erkunden Sie das vom UNESCO anerkannte Biosphärengebiet Schwäbische Alb